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Marcela is a high level strategic thinking partner and sounding board to C-level executives, Tech experts, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, and L+D Departments.

Her mission is to help individuals and companies communicate effectively and foster a coherent culture experience for agile performance.

Marcela is also an applied communications strategist with US and Global experience. She has served as a Strategist and Sounding Board for C Suite Executives within British Petroleum/UK, FitBit/USA, Pioneer/Japan, and Google/YouTube New York among others. 

Marcela has been invited to collaborate by The Bill Gates Foundation, Sheryl Sandberg Family Foundation, Claris Health, Arizona State University, The European Earth League, UCLA Research, and Krishnamurti Foundation of America among others.

Marcela is currently an Adjunct Professor for the Global Communication Master's Program at USC Annenberg Foundation Graduate School of Communication and Journalism. 

Her passion lies in connecting leaders, 

brands and people through mind shifting paradigms that impact change. She is passionate about being a catalyst for change for individuals and organizations that strive to promote efficiencies and performance, as well as personal and organizational alignment for wellbeing. 

Her background combines Strategy, Executive Coaching, DEI initiatives, Management, Cultural Intelligence and Creativity.

Marcela holds a Graduate degree in Business Administration, two certifications in coaching and one as a facilitator, backed by the International Coaching Federation.

*Modalities offered for one on one sessions range from Bio-neuro-emotional facilitation, Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Ontological and Transpersonal approach.

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